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Country App

This is Country App reflecting the Uniqueness of All countries

TypeScriptNode JSJEST


3 days challenge to build a Web and Node JS SDK to handle Websocket client. 💥


  • Monorepo containing two SDKs with simulator for each 🌈

  • An integrable SDK for Web application 🛠️

  • An integrable SDK for Node application 🛠️

  • on: Listens for messages from the WebSocket server

  • send: Sends a message to the server

  • disconnect: Disconnects the client from websocket server

  • SDK emits a custom event sdkready when WebSocket Client successfully connects with the WebSocket Server 🛎️

  • A simulator app to see the web-sdk in action 🏃

  • A simulator app to see the node-sdk in action 🏃

  • Shared packages for Eslint, TSConfig, and a Utility

  • Both SDKs and a Utility package is bundled with Vite

  • Both SDKs are being used as an external package in their respective simulator. These SDKs can be published to NPM 🔥

  • Unit tests with JEST


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