About me

Samson Sanyaolu

Samson Sanyaolu

Web Developer

Hi, I`m Samson Sanyaolu, currently working as a Web Developer at Twofour54 in the United Arab Emirates.

I am proud to have a unique background that combines creative design, corporate branding, and software development. From small-scale startups to well-established organizations, I have worked in various teams using multiple technologies and working in different domains. In my various roles, I have found myself regularly called upon to tackle design thinking, technical challenges, resolve coding issues and engage with different teams working on different projects. My love of coding drives me internally and I relish every opportunity to tackle the deepest technical challenges.

Fun fact about me: I`ve been the team`s passionate engineer in most of the companies where I`ve worked.

On the academic side, I graduated from Crawford University with a Bachelor`s degree in Accounting with a lot of Professional Design and Development Certifications. I have a high degree of adaptability and am constantly eager to learn new things especially latest trends and impart my knowledge to others.